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Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Management

We are the thought leaders in Risk Management.

Project risk management within the engineering and technology sectors, despite being commonly and wrongly simplified, is a highly complex and not very intuitive spectrum. It consists of many factors, the lion’s share of which is hidden in the mix of various dependencies as well as the very dynamics of modern processes and obstacles they create. The number of causal relationships that appear in contemporary projects often also spread between different geographies, jurisdictions and interconnected supply chains, does not simplify things either. Understanding these relationships is a key to success and the only way to retain competitive edge.

As part of our Risk Management Service we can help in:

  • Assessing contractual risks related to all Standard Form of Contract and their options, which will allow you to make optimized changes that minimize the effect of future random events
  • Conversion of qualitative risk into quantitative risk to champion contract and bid improvement based on probabilistic analysis
  • Risk transfer and mitigation strategies, including bonds and insurance
  • Preparation of clear risk-related documentation, design and implementation of risk management processes and governance frameworks
  • Advanced risk exposure modelling using Monte Carlo methods and scenario analysis of both costs and schedule, as well as statistical analysis of long-term investment financing and cash flows

  • Risk management process benchmarking and optimisation to allow for the most reasonable selection of resources needed to complete the project.
  • Assessing the effectiveness and reliability of supply chains critical from the point of view of the project and proposal alternative chains or mitigating solutions.
  • Project continuity planning, important in the light of potential financing gaps, lack of financial continuity or material and equipment gaps
  • Comprehensive cost and value and options analysis

Effective risk management requires proficiency in all elements that may affect project implementation, ranging from contractual nooks to complex quantitative analysis, which includes not only more advanced project controls methodology, but also deeper data analytics and statistics. A good contract now, may turn out to be insufficient for tomorrow. Similarly, it is not enough to know where you are today, but where you business efforts and the market take you in the short-, medium- and long term horizon.

Within our risk management department, we have a group of dual-or triple-qualified specialists who, in addition to vast pragmatic experience and knowledge of industry nuances, have extensive preparation in theoretical and analytical domains. Thanks to this, we are able to provide not only support in the field of qualitative risk management, which applies to, for example, contracts or tenders, but also a full quantitative analysis of all our clients needs.