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Bid Support

Bid Support

Bids, Tenders and Proposals Support

Viviad provides a flexible, bespoke tender support service tailored to meet the client needs and budget and can be customised to suit our Specialist Contractor clients.

The level of effort as well as the path to success differs, depending whether you are tendering for the work as the contractor or issuing the tender as the client.

Regardless of what side you represent, we appreciate that your tendering team is usually under a lot of pressure and should receive as much support from all stakeholders as possible. Our consultants are here to provide support and guidance through the process, from the definition of requirements (Client) or review of the Invitation to Tender (Contractor) all the way through to Contract Award.

We provide tendering support to both contractors and clients:

We support Client organisations through the following stages:

We support Contractors through the following stages:

  • Formation of the tender team
  • Development of tender and evaluation criteria
  • Pre-Qualification
  • Distribution to suppliers
  • Initial evaluations of received tenders
  • Shortlisting of suppliers
  • Presentation visits
  • Selection and Negotiations
  • Contract Award

  • Review of the Invitation to Tender documents
  • Determination of the basis of tender
  • Preparation of cost estimates, schedule & operational documents
  • Commercial and operational peer reviews
  • Conversion of gathered information into correct tender format
  • Final review of the tender pack by leadership team
  • Issuance of tender
  • Presentation and negotiations

We assist tenderers by providing bespoke writing service consisting of a Quantity SurveyorPlanner and a Technical Writer who build a bottom up tender ready for submittal.

We carry out a final review of the tender pack before issuance, or before board members approval to proceed is sought.

We support client organisations with an impartial, specialist review during the evaluation process, or during final shortlist phase.

The award of a contract is the culmination of the strategic effort spent on sourcing and procurement to match the objectives and requirements of the chosen solution for the project. As such, we understand considerations that apply to the process.

  • How will relative priorities of time, cost and quality be reflected?
  • Who will assess tenders?
  • How will confidentiality be assured?
  • Is there specific legislation governing contract award?
  • Is the invitation to tender coming from the public or private sector?