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Dispute Case Management

Dispute Case Management

Dispute Case Management

Alternative Dispute Resolution for Construction and Civil Engineering Contracts

Arbitration, adjudication and litigation cases can be financially draining, not only requiring barristers, lawyers and experts, but also the time of staff and the management team. Additional court fees may be incurred too. Therefore, we believe that dispute resolution should be managed the way you would a commercial project.

We provide a case manager to monitor the progress of the following throughout the process:

  • Estimated overall cost of the case and potential financial recovery range
  • Realistic legal opinions on the chance of success
  • Expert opinions on the potential time extension
  • A programme and deliverables for each resource
  • Risk related to the costs of the other party
  • Estimated recovery of your own costs

As the case progresses, we monitor it closely in order to outline changes in relation to any of the above points. This could lead to greater emphasis on the existing strategy or a change in the strategy adopted. The case manager also presents a monthly report and actionable advice that allows you to make well-informed decisions that lead to the best outcomes for your organisation.