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Project Performance Audit

Project Performance Audit

Project Performance Audit

At Viviad we have developed a project health-screening process that will allow you to quickly identify the areas of your project efforts that need immediate attention.

One week combined with our passion and experience will allow us to objectively assess the following key elements of your project environment against industry best practice.

  • The overall Project Management Performance and the scope for alternative team and delivery strategies
  • Your Contract Administration efforts, and the range of hard and soft benefits that you may acquire by implementing a different approach
  • The applied Risk Management methodologies and processes, and the realistic potential to increase the chances of success and reduce costs going forward
  • Cost and Schedule including the extent of corrective actions required to model and maintain a realistic picture of progress throughout the project’s
    lifecycle, while increasing the likelihood of securing your entitlement
  • Value Engineering and the scope to reduce time and cost of your project without sacrificing its functionality

Our findings together with any suggestions will be summarised in an approachable report.

Please get in touch to discuss the requirements and the benefits further.