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Contract Administration

Contract Administration

Contract Administration

Viviad’s Chartered Quantity Surveyors provide a flexible, bespoke service that is tailored to meet the client needs and budget and can be tailored to suit the Employers, Main Contractors or Subcontractors.

Contracts regulate almost all aspects of any activity that takes place on your project. Moreover, they ensure certainty of the agreements made between the parties and stipulate what should happen, when should it happen and how should it happen. Accordingly, understanding of the contractual nuances and machinery is a must – otherwise disagreements ending up with disputes are likely.

Construction and technology projects are also very complex. This is not only due to their size but also because of the challenges they face in the modern era – demanding construction sites, a multitude of inpatient stakeholders and stringent quality requirements. Constant innovation plays its part too. To confront the combination of all those factors present contracts became both, comprehensive and labyrinthine, unfortunately hardly anyone without deep specialist knowledge understands how they can operate to their fullest ability. Those who do, due to other managerial responsibilities, often decide to adhere to the minimum requirements at best.

Involving our experts will ensure that:

  • Your contracts are not only administered in a compliant way, but also in a way which is most optimal bearing in mind the core project objectives
  • Any contractual communications are well explained, referenced and backed up not only by good industry practice but also case law reference (if needed)
  • The contractual mechanisms are exploited fully to create benefits for all parties to the contract. Based on our experience we believe that formalistic approach although appealing at first, is damaging in the long term
  • Any potentially unclear or contentious issues are flagged up and resolved just in time, saving any future unpleasantness
  • Contract administration is strongly linked with commercial management, thus benefits from a long-term

We are familiar with all the leading Standard Forms of Contract such as NEC3,NEC4,FIDIC,JCT and IChemE. Most importantly, our knowledge is not purely based on books or theory – which is a common experience in the business environment. We have learned what we know through failures and lessons learned, which has given us a deeper appreciation of potential pitfalls that others would not necessarily consider meaning you can enjoy all the benefits flowing from these experiences without exposing your business to any risk.