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Forensic Delay Analysis

Forensic Delay Analysis

Forensic Delay Analysis

Viviad assist clients by studying and investigating events using CPM scheduling methods to establish the cause and extent of delays, and to enable swift resolution of construction delay claims.

Understanding the timeline of a project remains central to our consultancy service. At Viviad, we don’t just understand the claims process, but also the way in which this integrates with the insurance process and what makes each insurance loss unique. We provide clarity on the status of delay, the path and the claims analysis process. This service can be engaged even before the claim is formally sent to insurers, thereby assisting with managing expectations.

The key areas of Forensic Delay Analysis service are as follows:

  • Analysis of business interruption and delay in start-up claims
  • Constructing a picture of events
  • Reviewing mitigation and acceleration
  • Expert analysis of complex scheduling data

  • Analysis of construction delays and EOTs
  • Identifying concurrency and critical paths
  • Making comprehensive use of planning software
  • Providing clear, concise and independent reporting, as well as 3D visuals

Our ability to respond to and correctly analyse the event in a time-related claim will provide invaluable support to the team handling the claim. Correct analysis of complex and interrelated issues also allows correct decisions to be made based on fact.