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Project Close Out

Project Close Out

Project Close Out

Last impressions are there to stay, which is why at Viviad, we pay a lot of attention to Project Close Out and Post Contract Services.

If you have ever been involved in closing a project, you know that it is the most neglected part of the project lifecycle. In the weeks or months prior to the completion several team members are re-assigned to new projects because their work is done. This itself causes no end of issues, such as gaps in project knowledge that translate into difficulties in completing the required documentation, or delays to contractual closures.

Viviad work hard to ensure that the key elements of project close out, such as commercial settlements, contract closures, team re-assignments, project reviews leading to close out report or document archiving go according to plan.

Once the process is successfully completed and commercial accounts settled, then close out/handover certificates can be issued between all parties effectively allowing the project to come to a completion.

At this point we assist in assessing the project’s performance, evaluate and report upon the overall management and administration practices, identify deviations from established procedures throughout the project’s lifecycle, assess them against the industry standards of practice, and finally make recommendations regarding changes or adjustments to existing practices to avoid future problems.

Our Project Close Out Services typically include:

  • Compiling warranty information
  • Negotiating the settlement of any outstanding claims
  • Identify deviations from established processes and procedures
  • Produce recommendations for consideration