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Process Analysis

Process Analysis

Process Analysis

Business improvement starts with identification of the potential for business improvement.

Process analysis concentrates on the efficiency of your business and the effectiveness of its major units and operations. In the vast majority of cases process analysis is used not only to assess the overall health of the organisation and see whether the machinery in place is meeting its objectives, but also to bring additional efficiencies, which commonly are overlooked from the executive perspective or notice with delay. You surely can recall an example where teams of professionals either wasted lots of time and resources chasing the wrong options or resolving the problems that in fact were inessential to anything. Conversely, you might have noticed little change after a new way of doing things were introduced in your organisation.

At Viviad we know that process analysis is both art and science, and that in order to identify, classify and comprehend any improvement potential a combination of rigid methodology and industry know-how is needed. Textbook knowledge alone may not be enough to know how to measure processes in an efficient way or how collaborative implementation could be introduced seamlessly across different levels of management. Naturally, in those efforts we will utilise the newest achievements from the technology world, not only to make things easier for you and your teams, but also more objective and data-rich.

Some of the benefits of engaging Viviad in this area include:

  • Better alignement of your operations with strategic direction
  • Leaner processes and, through that, stronger corporate advantage
  • Faster and more reliant lines of communication
  • Lower overheads and better efficiencies
  • Clearer process mapping, documentation and more reliable data