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Conflict Avoidance

Conflict Avoidance

Conflict Avoidance

Conflict can lead to the deterioration of relationships, a breakdown of trust, delays, additional costs and ultimately to breaches of contract and claims for damages. We can help you avoid it.

A lot of construction disputes, especially contract claims of extension of time claims, result due to contractual misunderstandings.

Construction and technology matters are normally complex and deal with a whole host of complex issues. Frequently, these disputes get escalated and more often than not end up in construction courts. Sometimes, mediation or other form of alternative dispute resolution such as adjudication or arbitration.

That being said conflicts within project management environment in construction sector may be created by issues arising at process or procedural levels. For example, parties may be in disagreement as to the cost estimate of project schedule.

Aside from creating chaos on projects and making project delivery a nightmare, lack of consensus may cause lower motivation of project staff and higher resource turnover. Conflict avoidance in construction domain involves a set of carefully thought and analyses steps, which are deliberated and implemented in order to resolve the differences between the parties.

Often those differences arise not purely out of bad will, but simply because of lack of understanding or poor communication flows. It is important thus to ensure that any conflict is resolved as early as possible and with the use of right negotiating techniques coupled with good understanding of the matter in question.

Often this involves Early Neutral Evaluation and a well-designed contract, which has a good and workable mechanism for identifying problems as soon as they arise. External assistance may be also required in order to deal with the issue in a non-adversarial manner and to encourage compromise and de-escalation.

Viviad have signed the Conflict Avoidance Pledge, where we always endeavour to avoid conflict in the first instance and promote early intervention to disputes.