Tender Support

The tendering process is initially the lifeblood of any company. The tendering team of any company is usually under a lot of pressure and should receive as much support from all stakeholders as possible. Systematising the tendering process is an art form.

The level of effort as well as the path to success differs, depending whether you are tendering for the work as the contractor or issuing the tender as the client. It can also vary depending on the size of the project.

The process can be broken down into nine gates/categories:

• Review of documents from potential client and decision made to tender
• Determine basis of tender
• Preparation of cost estimates, schedule & operational documents
• Commercial and operational peer reviews
• Conversion of estimate, operational documents, programme etc into tender format
• Final review of tender pack by leadership team
• Issuance of tender
• Presentation visits
• Selection and Negotiations

In terms of client seeking a contractor post approval to proceed with the project, the process can be broken down into nine gates/categories:

• Form Tender team/committee (consisting of commercial and operations)
• Develop tender and evaluation criteria
• Pre-Qual undertaken
• Issue tender to contractors/supplier
• Initial evaluations of tenders received
• Contractor/supplier shortlist completed
• Presentation visits
• Selection and Negotiations
• Contract Award
Viviad understands the complexity of the tendering process. We cater for both contractors clients alike.

In terms of assisting the tenderer, and depending on the size of the tender, we can supply a tender writing service consisting of a QS, planner and technical writer to assist build a bottom up tender ready for submittal. We can also provide a final cold eyes review of the tender pack before issuance, or before board members approval to proceed is sought.
In terms of tender services to a client seeking a new supplier, we offer an impartial, specialist review during evaluation process, or during final shortlist phase.