Adjudication Support

Viviad assist their clients by providing their expertise during adjudication proceedings.

Adjudication provides a formal and effective method for resolving construction disputes that is much cheaper than court proceedings. Given that the right to adjudicate any commercial construction dispute at any time without a specific contract clause for doing so has been a statutory right since 1998, this process is now well established, both in terms of the professionals and the case law.

However, since this is a specialist area of law, it is necessary to find experienced construction professionals such as those on our team to represent you. Effective adjudicators and advocates are usually chartered quantity surveyors who are experienced in assessing and evaluating construction projects.

The adjudication process generally takes 28 days and it can be used for disputes relating to millions of pounds; this process can run irrespective of the progress of court proceedings. Viviad can act as a party advocate.