Project Management

The Project Manager’s role should not be underestimated, it is a vital role both strategically, operationally, and commercially. Many companies have Project Managers who may have excellent technically ability in terms of discipline engineering, however, perhaps do not possess the overarching appreciation, expertise, and knowledge of all functions of the role. We at Viviad recognise the need for a Project Manager to understand all major elements of the role, such as recognising the paramount importance of all project plans, working within the contract and British governance such as CDM regulations, while ensuring health, safety and wellbeing of all staff.

Viviad’s Project Managers have a deep understanding of the aforementioned areas and an appreciation of the project lifecycle from tender through to handover.
Operationally and commercially, we also recognise the importance of delivery of projects on programme, within budget and to the required quality standards. We also recognise the importance of 3 categories of assurance efforts, including: by business, end user and supplier consideration. We challenge the norm and ask the hard questions to make sure assurance does not delay a project.

Typical areas our Project Managers focus on:

- Is the project still meeting the initial strategic objectives?
- Is the project still aligned with the business case?
- Does the project approach/execution strategy continue to provide the best value?
- Is the project being managed robustly by the right people
- Is the project following the correct approvals route?
- Are adequate audits taking place, both internally via companies executing work and by stakeholders?
- Is the design intent being maintained throughout the project life cycle?
- Are adequate controls and KPIs in place and being followed?
- Is the project communication strategy fit for purpose?

Our Project Managers also work very closely with the commercial team to make sure our obligations to the contract are understood and met as well as ensure appropriate change management mechanisms.
We embed Project Managers into organisations to help deliver and mitigate the aforementioned risks. Additionally, our service offering includes deep dive reviews of current practises and processes, as well as providing recommendations for improvement.