Project Close Out

We at Viviad, understand the importance of structured close out.

If you have ever been involved in closing a project, you probably know how it usually ends; in the weeks or months prior to the formal ending, several team members and teams are already moving to new projects because their work is done. This itself causes no end of problems with closing out projects, whether it be chasing people for information, trying to source documents (As-Built drawings, O&M’s etc) and making sure all the accounts are closed commercially.

The project leadership team should identify the time when a project would enter a project closeout phase which would allow a plan and cost to detailed and associated with the project close out programme. This would allow the project to mitigate the aforementioned areas of concern. Several meetings should take place to align on a plan which would enable you to re-engage stakeholders, customers, and/or upper management along with close out planner, QS and assurance teams.

The output of this process should be a project close out plan with supplementary estimate to completion and programme and change EVM strategy. At this point on a project, resource is paramount and key to success but not quantum, rather quality (the right people).

Once the close out programme is successfully completed and commercial accounts settled, then close out/handover certificates can issued between all parties effectively allowing project to come a completion and the operator would take over.
Ideally and in parallel with the aforementioned, a detailed and accurate project close out plan should be written, maintained and issued upon completion. The purpose of this close out document is to assess the project's performance, identify the lessons learned, and confirm that essential contractual and other project closure activities have been completed.

The report is normally broken down into three main areas:
• Project overview
• Lessons learned
• Historical data and benchmarks
Viviad can assist throughout this close out process by either placing a close out specialist team consisting of Project Manager, planner, QS and Assurance personnel. We can also perform a review of what measures and plans that are in place and produce recommendations for consideration.