NEC4 Compliant Programme Template

£500.00 + VAT


A template for Primavera P6 that once populated with your project information, will satisfy the requirements of sub-clause 31.2 of the NEC4 Contract.

Sub-clause 31.2 is one of the longest in the whole Contract and lists the information which the Contractor is required to show on each programme submitted for acceptance.


It includes:

– starting date, Key Dates and Completion Date

– Planned Completion

– order and timing of the operations which contractor plans to do

– provisions for float

– provisions for time risk allowances

– dates when in order to provide the works the Contractor will need access to any part of the site, acceptances, Plant and Materials provided by the employer, Information from others

– any other information that is requested within the Scope

– statement of how the contractor plans to do the work identifying principal  equipment and resources which he plans to use


Our planners have broad experience and planning skills, enhanced by the contract administration training that they all receive. As well as a proven track record in delivering programme management projects, we have vast experience in tender planning, design and procurement programmes, extension of time claims and delay analysis. All projects and consultants are also supported by our head office team.