Contract Risk Assessment

£3,000.00 + VAT


This package is available only for NEC and JCT standard forms of contract used in the UK and subject to the jurisdiction of England and Wales.


The package includes:

  • Three hours of initial consultation
  • Full review of the contractual risks, including a full tabulation of the key risk drivers in line with a 16-point checklist (material terms, express terms, unstated legal obligations, capitalisation of contract terms, choice of law, agreements to agree, rights of suspension, limitations of liability, confidentiality, insurance, indemnifications and warranties, force majeure, payment terms, boilerplate clauses, incorporation of terms, termination)
  • A textual analysis indicating the extensiveness of amendments made to the original form of contract (this will illuminated the scope of changes made to the templated document)
  • Two hours of post-review support


This package can be combined with other ‘Risk Management’ packages on offer.