Basic Quantitative Risk Register

£4,500.00 + VAT


A set of 25-30 tabulated  risks, tailored and relevant to your project/organisation with full quantitative assessment done in collaboration with your Team. The register will be enclosed in a protected file of a desired format or encrypted and available on cloud, and will meet all contractual and regulatory requirements and standards.

The register can be prepared for a basic Monte Carlo simulation in ModelRisk, @risk, Microsoft Excel or any Oracle Package. Without any specific preference the Monte Carlo model will be run in ModelRisk.


The package includes:

  • Two hours of initial consultation
  • Six hours of 1-2-1 risk reviews
  • Unique, project-specific and explanative risk ID numbers/sequences
  • Full description of risk, cause and effect (impact) for each and every risk worded using correct risk meta-language
  • Calibrated probabilities for each and every risk
  • Quantitative impact assessments and their rationale
  • Quantitative modelling
  • Risk prioritisation
  • Risk categorisation
  • Risk correlation
  • Proposed mitigation actions for each and every risk (inclusive of mitigation costs)
  • A narrative to the risk register
  • One hour consultation to explain and clarify the results


The register will compiled by our consultant with at least five years of practical experience in major project environment or governance and will take into account any industry-specific practices.


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