Discovery Services

We provide technical experts to drive or support the discovery process.

Construction and technology claims involve a lot of documentation and information. This data is often generated during the entire course of a construction or technology project. And it is common that parties are not afraid to dig deep in order to support their arguments with evidence. The fact is that any dispute resolution process involves a lengthy and complex discovery. Alternative dispute resolution methods are often not different. Perhaps only mediation is more amicable and less labour-intensive than other ADR‘s since the settlements are a product of a negotiated agreement rather than an imposed solution. In any case, however, large chunks of data may need to be analysed to substantiate one’s view. There is nothing inherently difficult in analysing large data sets. All is required is time and manpower. But work alone will never ensure that the right evidence will be picked up to strenghten a particular point.

What is also needed is the industry knowledge and real project experience.  This is important to understand what data and project documentation is crucial to support the case.

Viviad is able to support any claims and proceedings, and provide guidance on the best strategies and methods for questioning witnesses or forensic experts, forensic data acquisition, information management and recovery, database evaluation and data analytics. Being supported by a competent team of data analysts we are able to reduce the time of document retrieval and data processing. In our doings we strongly rely on newest technologies and statistical solutions.