Contract Risk Management

Contract risks are a frequent blind spot for busy executives or project managers. With our help you will identify risks and will stay aware of them from contract negotiations, to project close-out.

While basic contract risk management is almost always done prior to engaging into any commercial activity in a professional world, present environment and the demands of highly competitive market together with complex relationships governed by financial and legal imperatives require stronger and stronger attention. Light treatment may only lead to problems at a latter stage making their reversal difficult or purely impossible. The consequences of such carelessness, or ‘would and ‘could’ attitude, can be profound ranging from reporting or operational risk and ending up on project failure, large disputes and severe reputational damage. The latter may even to contribute to business collapse.

Our team of specialists can help you introduce a structured and transparent risk management approach aimed at:

  • Modification of Standard Form of Contracts and bespoke contracts to de-risk project deliver and protect your financial interest.
  • Creation of emergency protocols and processes should the contract be insufficient in protecting your organisation
  • Generating a list of contractual risks facesd by your entity together with proposing a range of mitigation actions aimed at present and the future
  • Changing the internal or project processes and procedures to ensure the so called optimised compliance
  • Saving you time and expense related with late payments, lack of payments, ineffective labour